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What Makes Us different?

Proprietary Reseller Engine

Automate your workflows and simplify all aspects of being a VoIP reseller

Ultra-Competitive Pricing

We are committed to reducing your operating costs while providing an innovative, industry-leading product

Fair pricing algorithm

Get charged only for seats that are used instead of multiple times for users with multiple devices

Customer Data Migrations

Viirtue now offers included data migrations from select platforms

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Why White Label?

Viirtue’s cloud-based PBX and VoIP phone solutions have already changed the way thousands of
end-users communicate, both for themselves and their customers. As a White Label Partner, you can offer these solutions to other organizations in your network, while we continue to build industry-leading tools for your clients.

  • Own Your Customer
  • Expand Your Offering
  • Be in Control
  • 50-70% Margins
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ViiBE is Viirtue's All-in-One Reseller Platform Designed to Expedite your Company's Sales Process and Improve your Customer Experience

• Automated Invoicing (with Usage Rating!)
• Manage Clients
• Collaborative Quoting
• Expedited Sales
• Tax Automation
• Marketing Content
• Number Porting Automation
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Video Conferencing

Viirtue's Video Conferencing supports up to a 25 person video conference including Video, Voice, Text Chat and Screen Sharing.

• File Sharing
• Active Speaker Detection
• Guest Invitation Links
• Chat and Participant List
• Full Screen Mode
• Selectable Layouts

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Mobile App

Never miss a call with Viirtue's mobile app. Your office phone will ring your mobile phone through the app.

• Manage Answering Rules
• See Coworker Online/Offline Status
• Visual Voicemail
• Chat with Your Team

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Make and receive calls through Viirtue's online WebPhone. Chat with your team, make calls, and view call history all in one place.

• Customizable Views
• At-a-glance View of Team Communications
• Set up and Edit Answering Rules
• SMS/MMS Text Message
• Voicemail to Text
• File Sharing via Chat and SMS
• Group Messaging in Chat and SMS

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Manager Dashboard

Use our industry-leading dashboard to generate reports, view wallboards, and customize warning thresholds. Organize and manage all your clients from one place.

• Records QOS score for every call
• Reporting
• Editable Wallboards
• Customizable Warning Thresholds
• Create Branded Quotes with Full Tax Calculations

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This app is amazing! I use it every single day. Sending and receiving money goes super fast
Jonathan Davis
This app is pretty awesome. It allows me to quickly check my card balances and I can even add extra budget very easily.
Mark Grover


Imagine being able to offer all of these features to your clients! Set yourself apart from the rest and become a Viirtue White Label Partner. Your clients will thank you.

Voicemail to Email

Have voicemails delivered right to your email, complete with caller id, .wav file, and a full text transcription of the voicemail.

WebPhone with Chat

Chat with coworkers, see if they are on the phone, view your call history or make system changes right from our easy to use portal.

Mobile App

Simultaneously ring your cell phone with your desk phone, or make calls through your Web Phone.

Call Center

Set up call queues for offices with longer than normal holding times. Comes with detailed reporting.

Automated Attendants

Automatically greet callers and route them anywhere. Easily customizable through the WebPhone. Never miss a call.

Conference Bridges

Hold password protected, multi-party conference calls on a secure network.

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Ask us about our online learning center, where you can learn at your own pace through virtual courses, articles, and user guides. Become fully Viirtue-certified on the full technology stack and sales process with your own digital instructor.

Easy Provisioning

With Viirtue, it's easy to provision desk phones on our platform. Supported devices include Poly, Yealink, Cisco, Grandstream, Mitel, and more. We also support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) with Poly & Yealink phones.

Not Ready Yet?

Ask us about our Channel Partner program! As a partner with Viirtue, your organization can receive up to 25% residual reward payments for every sale made as a Channel Partner. And when you decide to switch to a White Label Partner, we'll make it easy to scale up.

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